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User Experience for Websites

user experience User Experience (UX) focuses on understanding the users, what they value, what they need, their abilities and limitations. It also considers the objectives of the group and the goals of the business. UX best practices help improve the quality of the user's perception and interaction with your products and services.

User research focuses on understanding user needs, behavior, motivations by using task analysis, observation techniques and feedback methodologies.

Usability Evaluation focuses on how well the users can use the product to attain their goals and learn. It also refers to how satisfied people are with that process.

Information Architecture focuses on how information is structured, organized and presented to users.

User Interface Design focuses on anticipating what a user may need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to understand, access and facilitate.

Interaction Design focuses on creating interactive systems that are engaging with well thought-out behaviors.

Visual Design focuses on ensuring an interface that is aesthetically pleasing. It also focuses on designing an interact that lines up with the brand goals.

Content Strategy focuses on curating and writing useful content by planning the delivery, governance and creation behind it.

Accessibility focuses on how an individual benefits or accesses from an application, system or site.

Web analytics focuses on collecting, reporting and analyzing data that is on a website.