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web designWhy you might want your own website?

Is your website going to be used for personal reasons, like showing photographs to friends and family? Do you need it for business purposes? Might it be an informational site used for passing on knowledge to visitors? Will you be selling a product on there?

These are all good questions. The answers are going to determine what direction your design needs to go towards. We can certainly help you with that but here are a few guidelines to get us started.

Have you created your own business logo? If you've been in business for a while, the chances are you already created a trademark or logo that is easily recognized by your customers. If that is true, then do you still have that original graphic so it can be emailed? It's important that it be used on your website.

Have you chosen any specific colors you'd like to use?

Not every color is Internet-friendly. Usually selecting only a few colors works best. Your web designer will know how to select some quality colors that will pull your website together in a way that makes you proud to show it off.

Seen any websites that you like lately?

If you can provide us with some examples of the type of site you like, we will be better able to design what you want. Professional design companies usually try and get this kind of feedback from clients. That way we get a feel for what the client's taste is, and we can use that as a pattern for designing their website.

Have you purchased a domain name for your site yet?

This will be the actual website address. It is what you're going to be rattling off whenever somebody asks if you have your own website. If you don't currently have one registered, your web designer will certainly help you with that.

Do you have any idea about the number of pages you might want?

Most all websites contain a Home page, About Us page, Links page, and a Contact page However, there are still more features you have to consider emphasizing concerning your business. It's crucial that you let visitors know a little bit of history regarding your company. That's where the 'About Us' page comes in.

Do you want to have categories of products featured on this site?

If so, then each category is going to need its own page. If you are planning on having your visitors fill out order forms when they make a purchase, then you'll need to also create an 'Order Form' page.

These are just some of the questions that we normally cover. However, you need to do some preliminary thinking before passing it on to your web designer. The rule of thumb is that the more pages your website will have, the higher the cost will be.

Do you plan to maintain this website all by yourself?

If you do, then do you have enough understanding of code languages that were used in the creation of your site? If you're comfortable with the code languages, then we will company will probably just do the setup work and then let you maintain the site yourself.

Next thing we offer is CMS (Content Management Systems) based sites (like Wordpress). These systems enable clients to update their sites without having to fool with the original code. With custom CMS, if you are capable of creating a document in any Word processing program, then you can change the content on your website. That means not having to learn any complex programming languages and not having to call the web design company whenever you feel like making a change or updating your website.

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